BOOKINGS FOR SD and hd fiber optic hub

Cactus Film offers an integral TV studio solution for live stand-ups, guests and tape feeds.

National and International clients choose Cactus Film and Video for their live transmissions, as lives and play outs because of our experience, and our state of the art HD and SD equipment and our conveniently located offices with parking. We have 3 on street locations featuring some very iconic fountains and plazas in the background and of course our unrivaled live roof top position overlooking central Mexico City. We also have studio featuring a variety of backgrounds with scenes from the bustling capital for those situations were more control on the environment is needed. We are also well prepared for any eventuality with a power plant installed so that no matter what the conditions are we can transmit to the world.

Cactus Film and Video is now offering HD fiber optic transmissions for lives and play outs.  
Cactus also offers:
• Live HD and SD fiber optic transmissions through 3 paths, HD Mpeg4, SD and analog. 
• 3 permanent live positions: an on street location next to the iconic Cibeles fountain, our unrivaled roof top position overlooking the iconic buildings of Mexico and our studio positions with day and night backdrops.
• Workstations at the Cactus Bureau with high speed internet
• Fixers and SNG crews  
• SNG cameras
• ENG truck and fly away facilities
• Free secure parking for guests and correspondants
To book or for further information contact us on:
or dial:
+52 55 52077679
+52 55 52077601