Ready to use 3 motor wireless lens control set with advanced focus knob, iris slider, zoom control, Lemo 7pin motor connectors and cworld

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C3 advanced set (L) with cworld: This ready to use 3 motor wireless lens control set offers a professional wireless focus, iris and zoom control solution for any camera on either 15mm or 19mm support systems. The compact and lightweight camin 3M can drive up to 3 regular motors and / or up to 3 cforce motors. The hand unit comes with an advanced focus knob, iris slider and pressure sensitive zoom control joystick that can be used in either right or left handed configurations. The advanced knob offers torque adjustment, mechanical limits, back-lit maker ring illumination and mechanical lock. The internal display and simple interface provides quick and easy wireless access to system settings within the camin motor box.
cworld: creates a wireless network between your cmotion system and existing smart devices. Using any popular smart phone, tablet or computer, cmotion's user friendly web-based interface allows you to update firmware on all of your cvolution components, change system settings and create, edit, display and share precise data for individual lenses. The smart range finder application provides a wireless distance read out when range measurement tools including cmotion's cfinder, ARRI's UDM, Cinetape and Ward's Sniper are connected. cworld also cleverly allows multiple devices to be connected simultaneously, providing crew with independent access to live lens / distance data and numerous user guides from anywhere on set at any time.This set includes 3 ARRI CLM-4 motor kits - at less than 20dB, CLM-4 are among the quietest motors on the market.


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