Small size and weight: You can handle them like spherical, and use standard matt boxes and filters. Virtually no distortion or breathing: No need for tricks while shooting: no need to avoid columns or ...

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  • T. 2 Aperture
  • 95mm Front diameter
  • 160mm Length front to PL mount
  • Covers up to ANSI super 35 Silent (31.14 mm de diameter).
  • Same frontal diameter over the entire.
  • Compatible with film and digital cameras.
  • Feet and meter focus scales that can be exchanged.
  • Internal focus to keep the external position of the lens constant.
  • PL Mount.
  • Telecentric design.
  • Floating elements for a good close-up perfomance.
  • Multiaspheric design
  • High optical perfomance:
    • High resolution and contrast.
    • Uniform quality over the whole field of view.
    • Minimized breathing and distorsion.
    • Consistent optical perfomance across the whole focus range.


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