Cactus Film provides on-location live services via SNGs all over Mexico.  We have extensive experience in transmitting from natural disaster locations such as hurricanes and earthquakes; and world news events such as presidential tours, world forums and international conferences.

Cactus SNG Truck

Cactus Films (satellite) – Network Television services for the Americas – reliable connectivity for news, sports, and special events for Mexico City and beyond. Available now. Cactus Satellite’s KU truck represents the culmination of decades of experience in international network television production..

For those with an eye for the details:

•‘Wolf Coach’ KU uplink truck, 2.4m Andrew antenna, Twin 350W TWT’s with RF power combiner, 20KW Kohler generator (diesel).

•Fully redundant, dual thread, 4 paths on board.

•(2) Ericsson (Tandberg) 8040 encoders – HD/SD, Mpeg 2/4, with advanced modulation

•(2) Tiernan HE-4000 HD/SD encoders – HD/SD, Mpeg2, QPSK,

•Additional pathways on request, wiring in place for additional encoders

•4 channels TW PL, 4 channels IFB, RTS Matrix, 5 Cell phones

•Multiple IRD/Receivers – all formats/modulations

•16 X 16 HDSDI, video, and audio routing,

•8 input dual channel Evertz multi-display

•Leitch X-75 up/down/cross converter

•Videotek VTM-4100 QC monitoring including eye pattern, HD waveform monitoring, signal analysis

•Mpeg stream analysis

•HD record and playback – multi formats available

•100 meters cable, 750 meters fiber system

•Comfortable and spacious climate controlled workspace

•24/7 availability